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Soap and Paper Soy Candle

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Candle burns clean for up to 65 hours. 100% soy with cotton wick. Net Wt. 9.5 oz.  Made in the USA.  Cute tin candle is chic and great for travel. Burn Time Approx. 24 hours | Net Wt. 3 oz / 85 g

Made in New York, Cotton wick, pure soy, vegan.
Made in United States of America

Vanilla Fleur - Inhale deeply and find your center as the beautiful scents of Vanilla, Orchid and Sandalwood fill the room. Vanilla Fleur's fragrance is earthy and warming, let the fragrance transport you to your happy place. You deserve it.

Roland Pine - invigorate your space with notes of Siberian Fir, Pine boughs and fresh Cilantro, there is nothing better; it’s festive, happy and fresh. Shannon gave our candle tins a creative twist and used nature’s own Fibonacci Sequence to create this festive pattern (nature is incredible!)

Pumpkin Chiffon - Fill your home with the coziest fragrance of the season! This intoxicating soy candle features layered notes of caramelized Pumpkin, spicy Cinnamon and buttery Vanilla Bean. Light it up and let it glow while enjoying up to 65 hours of bliss, you deserve it. 

North Shore - Notes of Lush Watery Florals & Sea Salt. North shore will meet you at the edge of the sea with crashing waves, hot sun and sandy beaches. This fresh, relaxing fragrance is loaded with lush, watery florals and sea salt. C

Flowering Currant - Flowering Currant offers fruity and tart notes of Currant and Cassis, blended with deep, sultry and Floral Turkish Rose to create a beautiful, exotic blend. C

Sun Kissed - Notes of Sun-drenched Citrus & Blossoms. Our best-selling candle in bright Sun Kissed is loaded with notes of sun-drenched citrus and fragrant blossoms that will fill the air and linger for hours.