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Hyalite Opal/ Kryptonite

Mandala Gems

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Are you looking to add a beautiful and unique addition to your fluorescent mineral collection? Look no further than our Hyalite opal on Chalcedony Specimens! Not only are these natural gems utterly mesmerizing-- with their glassy finish and cool opalescent hue-- but they’re also said to be incredibly powerful when it comes to boosting one’s intuitive abilities. That means they’re not just gorgeous, but can even give you an edge in harmonizing with the rest of the world around you. Plus, the fact that they have a natural luminescence under UV light makes them one of the most impressive specimens on your shelf.  Add a touch of beauty and power today by ordering your own Hyalite opal on Chalcedony Specimen and explore a new kind of crystal energy! San Luis Potosí, Mexico