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Hot Chocolate Molinillo - unboxed: Small (9 - 10'')

Verve Culture

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Introducing our authentic Mexican Molinillo - a versatile wooden whisk designed to effortlessly mix and froth your Mexican hot chocolate. With a simple rolling motion between your palms, experience the delight of perfectly churned, mixed, and foamy chocolate. But that's not all! This incredible tool is also ideal for muddling fruits and herbs, elevating your homemade cocktails to new heights. Whether for personal use or gifting, the Molinillo is a true pleasure and guaranteed attention-grabber. Embrace the art of Mexican tradition and mixology with this must-have kitchen essential. Shop now and revolutionize your hot chocolate and cocktail experiences! Small: 9'' - 10” - for individual servings, use in a saucepan or large mug Large: 13" - 14” - enough for the family, use in a large pot or jug