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Flatwoods Fawn

Flatwoods Fawn/Faire

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Flatwoods Fawn is a jewelry brand designed and hand created by Ashley Massey featuring small batch and one-of-a-kind pieces made from vintage supplies. The small business is based on Ashley's family farm in Lawrence County, Tennessee and is inspired by her Southern Tennessee surroundings and academic studies, specifically the intersection between mythology and women's studies and how it relates to women in the US South. Flatwoods Fawn pieces aim to empower the wearer and serve as talismans that bring protection, comfort, and beauty to everyday life. "Flatwoods" is the name of the area in Tennessee Ashley grew up in, and her paternal grandfather "PawPaw" named the family's homeplace Flatwoods Farm after the small plot of land in Tennessee that he loved so much. "Fawn" comes from her love of the wild and graceful deer.


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