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Extra Large Shower Scent Steamers-Individually Foil Wrapped

Seriously Shea

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Weighing in at 3.5oz, our extra large shower scent steamers are nearly twice the size of competitors and can last multiple showers! Makes for a great small gift, stocking stuffer or for personal use! Available in 11 unique scent combinations. Handmade in the USA with natural essential oils. Stuffed Up – Eucalyptus Essential Oil De-Stress – Jasmine + Rosemary Essential Oil Settle Down – Lavender Essential Oil Sweet Dreams – Citrus + Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Energize – Peppermint Essential Oil Good Mornin’ – Orange Essential Oil Happiness – Cranberry + Lemon Essential Oil Outdoor Man – Vanilla + Cedar Essential Oil Workin’ Man – Sandalwood + Patchouli Essential Oil Southern Man – Bourbon + Spearmint Essential Oil Family Man – Ocean + Bergamot Essential Oil