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Ellison James Designs

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The Classis Fringe earrings are exactly like my Signature Fringe Earrings minue the handmade hand wire wrapped metal hoops... making those components took so much time to complete per pair and were truly hard on my fingers and wrists which kept the wholesale price higher than I wanted to charge so I chose to offer this perfect alternative instead. It keeps the price of production down and has the same stunning effect! The Classic Fringe Earrings are super lightweight and made with nickle free hypoallergenic bronze hoops fininished off with gorgeous all natural organic hand cut deerhide leather! They are sweet and sexy, they flow and move along the natural rhythm of your hair and body, these are a pair you dont want to miss out on and your besties will freak over them! The hoop is 3/4 of an inch in diameter, fringe length is around 5 inches. The best part - you literally wont even feel them in your ears they are that light! xo